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There are federal and state employment laws which provide additional rights to employees subject to mass layoffs and plant closings and other involuntary terminations of employment during times of company mergers, acquisitions, reductions in force ("RIFs"), downsizing, or outsourcing. I have handled cases involving mass layoffs and plant closings and have substantial experience representing everyone from lab technicians, plant workers, and chemists to corporate presidents, chief financial officers, and attorneys. I have handled matters involving global chemical, pharmaceutical, and technology companies including cases for employees of the DuPont Company, Invista, Hercules, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc. Below are a few of the cases we've handled successfully involving mass layoffs, plant closings, or employees of DuPont, Invista, Hercules, AstraZeneca, Siemens, and other global chemical, pharmaceutical, and technology companies. If you are facing a mass layoff, a plant closing, a job elimination, or a similar employment problem, contact us today.

Nature of Case



WARN Act violations;
Mass Layoff, Plant Closings

Assisted as local Delaware counsel in procuring a large settlement of a class action brought by 45 named employees on behalf of a class of over 250 workers subject to a mass layoff who were not provided sufficient advance written notice of the terminations of their employment as required by federal law.

United States
Bankruptcy Court
For the
District of Delaware

Age Discrimination;
Forced Resignation

Procured a settlement for a 58 year old executive of a global chemical company
told he would be fired if he did not retire.

United States
Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission

Denial of Promotion; Retaliation;
Involuntary Transfer;
Sex and Age Discrimination

Won an EEOC determination of cause for discrimination for a 48 year old female executive of a global chemical company denied a promotion and involuntarily transferred to another department after she complained of sex and age discrimination by her male manager.

United States Equal
Employment Opportunity

Pregnancy Discrimination;

Procured a settlement for a female Chief Financial Officer of a global chemical intermediates company who was demoted while on pregnancy leave.

United States Equal
Employment Opportunity

Racial Harassment and Retaliation; Unpaid Leave

Procured a six figure settlement package for an African-American executive placed on unpaid leave from a global pharmaceutical company after she reported racial harassment in the workplace by her Caucasian supervisors.

Delaware Department Of
Labor Division of
Industrial Affairs

Sexual Orientation Discrimination; Denial of Promotion

Obtained a promotion for a homosexual Biochemist previously denied multiple times in favor of less senior, heterosexual peers despite excellent performance evaluations and recommendations from her direct supervisor and his boss.

Delaware Department
Of Labor Division of
Industrial Affairs

Quid Pro Quo
Sexual Harassment; Pregnancy Discrimination; Retaliation;
Reduction in Force

Procured a settlement for a female Lab Technician whose job was eliminated as part of an alleged reduction in force by the married male Executive Director of a global Research and Development organization after he impregnated her and she returned from pregnancy leave and ended his affair with her.

United States Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission

Perceived Disability Discrimination in Employment;
Termination of Employment

Procured a settlement for a Purchasing Agent of a textile company who was fired two days after she complained to human resources that her manager's bullying caused her to have panic attacks.

United States Equal
Employment Opportunity 

Breach of contract;
Quantum meruit

Won a bench verdict in the trial of an accountant employed by a chemical and munitions manufacturing company whose long-time employer failed to deduct and remit to the IRS his social security and Medicare taxes for a period of five years and then sued him after it had to pay the government on his behalf. Judgment was entered for the employee, and all claims against him were dismissed.

Court of Common
New Castle County,

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