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For Public Officials and Other Government Employees, Applicants, and Contractors

In addition to the employment protections enjoyed by all employees in both the private and public sectors, government employees, applicants, and contractors also are protected by the federal and state constitutions and other federal and state laws. We have substantial experience representing public officials and other government employees, applicants, and contractors with their employment issues such as severance, non-renewal or breach of employment contract, termination, layoff, retaliation, whistle blowing, free speech, due process, equal protection, and employment discrimination. Below are a few of the cases we’ve handled successfully for public officials and other government employees, applicants, and contractors. If you are a public official or other government employee, applicant, or contractor with a similar employment problem, contact us today.

Nature of CaseResultsJurisdiction
Whistle Blowers’
Obtained a $300,000 settlement for a town manager fired for reporting the treasurer’s mismanagement of public funds, the police chief’s misappropriation of public resources, and non-resident developers’ acts against the public interest.Delaware
Superior Court,
Kent County
Breach of Employment
Defeated town government’s appeal of its previously denied motion to dismiss the breach of employment contract claim of a town manager fired less than ten months into his five year contract.Delaware
Unemployment Appeal in
New Castle County,
Delaware for an Employee
of a
State Contractor
Won an appeal hearing granting unemployment benefits to a Staff Psychologist employed at a State prison who was banned from the correctional facility and discharged by the staffing agency just six days after he reported a workplace back injury he sustained while helping to cut down a suicidal inmate attempting to hang himself in his cell.Delaware
Division of
Unemployment Insurance
Denial of Hire in State
Government Employment;
Race Discrimination
Procured a settlement for an African-American job applicant with a Master’s Degree denied hire in favor of a Caucasian high school graduate who did not meet the minimum qualifications of the job.United States
Race Discrimination in
State Government
Won a Motion to Amend a Complaint to include claims of racial discrimination under the federal civil rights laws against racial and governmental discrimination on behalf of an African-American nurse wrongfully terminated by a State Hospital.Delaware
Superior Court,
New Castle County

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