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For Police and Emergency Personnel

In addition to any union contract, there are federal and state employment laws which protect all police, fire, EMT, and other emergency personnel. We have substantial experience representing emergency personnel with employment issues such as severance, employment contracts, termination, layoff, retaliation, whistle blowing and employment discrimination. Below are some of the cases we’ve handled successfully. If you are emergency personnel with a similar employment problem, contact us today.

Nature of CaseResultsJurisdiction
Police Chief
Due Process
Won immediate reinstatement after a 5 day hearing for a police chief charged with 17 counts of alleged misconduct and suspended for over 5 months by the town government. All charges were dismissed, and the client returned to work.Sussex County, Delaware
National Origin and
Race Discrimination;
Denial of Promotions in
Local Government
Obtained a $215,000 settlement on behalf of two Hispanic police officers each denied promotion to Sergeant because of their ethnicity.United States District Court
For the
District of
Perceived Disability and
Age Discrimination;
Worker’s Compensation
Improvement Act
Procured a settlement for an EMT/Firefighter who was forced to undergo a fitness for duty test, suspended just nine months after filing a workers’ compensation claim for a knee injury, and encouraged to resign by the president of the fire company who told him, "Let’s face it. You are 45."United States
First Amendment Freedom
of Speech and Right to
Petition for Redress of
Obtained a judgment for a police lieutenant denied three promotions to captain despite ranking first on the test for the vacancy after he testified before a federal grand jury against the county executive and his chief administrative officer.United States District Court
For the
District of
Unemployment Appeal in
Philadelphia County,
Won an appeal hearing granting unemployment benefits to a Transportation Security Specialist fired by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security after it falsely accused him of inappropriately using his position to avoid a speeding ticket.Pennsylvania
County Government
Employment Benefits
under a Collective
Bargaining Agreement
Sustained a grievance restoring all vacation and sick leave and compensating for missed shift differential, holiday pay, and acting sergeant’s pay for a county police officer who, despite being cleared for duty by his cardiologist, was not permitted to work for allegedly non-work related chest pain sustained after chasing a suspected drug dealer on foot.American

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