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I am passionate about protecting the rights of mistreated workers.

Wrongful Termination In Delaware

A Survival Guide for True Employees Fired for False Reasons

By John M. LaRosa, Esq.

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Wrongful Termination In Delaware

A Survival Guide For True Employees Fired for False Reasons

By John M. LaRosa, Esq.

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Wilmington Lawyer Serving Employees In Delaware, Pennsylvania And New Jersey

As the Founder of Delaware’s longest active law firm dedicated solely to employee rights, I represent employees who have been fired, demoted, denied a promotion, disciplined, or who have been victims of harassment in the workplace because of their age, sex, disability, pregnancy, race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. From employment law to constitutional law and civil rights, my mission is to provide quality legal support and counsel for every client.

I am an attorney with over 20 years of experience, all focused on the employee side of employment law. Call me toll free at 888-854-2012.

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Older Employees & Disabled Employees

  • Age Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination

Whistle Blowers

  • Retaliation & Whistle Blower Cases

Female Employees & Homosexual Employees

  • Pregnancy Discrimination & Sex Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Professional Employees

Government Employees

Other Employment Discrimination
Other Illegal Reasons

Other Illegal Actions

  • Layoffs and RIFs
  • Constructive Discharge (Forced Resignations and Retirements)
  • Breach of Contract and Non-renewal of Contract
  • Promotions & Hiring
  • Hostile Work Environments

Employee Counseling & Employment Litigation
Employee Counseling

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A Distinguished Law Practice

In addition, I serve clients in the following areas:

  • Constitutional law, including freedom of speech and due process of law
  • Civil rights, including employment discrimination and equal protection.

From litigating your case from the U.S. Equal Employement Opportunity Commission or the Delaware Department of Labor to the federal and state courts of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court, I am committed to obtaining a just result for each of my clients.

Vigorous Advocacy and Professional Service

Attention. Time. Confidence. These are representative of what I strive to provide in my legal practice. In 20 years of experience, I am proud of what I have accomplished for my clients, for the legal profession as a whole and for my community. If your workplace rights have been violated or are otherwise at risk, I am an experienced employment lawyer who will understand the situation you face and work toward a remedy.

I am passionate about protecting employee rights for those workers who have been mistreated. When you come to see me, we will discuss your situation so that I have a complete understanding of your employment case. I will then explain the legal implications and your options. We will work together from beginning to end. I am not a lawyer that just fills out paperwork. I completely dedicate myself to the clients I represent and do whatever I have to do to achieve results.

From wrongful termination to severance package review, call toll free at 888-854-2012 or contact me online to arrange a strategy meeting.


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