LaRosa & Associates

What to Expect When You Refer

When you refer clients to my practice, I commit that they will be handled promptly and with respect.

Here’s What You Can Expect

1. Any client you refer to me is your contact, and I will never later refer them to your competitors.

2. When a client comes referred by you, I will promptly give them the information that they are requesting.

3. I will keep you informed about people that you refer to me, and whether I was able to be of service to them.

Our Referral Process

To ensure referrals reflect well on you, I use the referral process below. This way you always have complete confidence that your valuable contacts are being treated promptly and get the service they need, when they need it.

1. I will welcome your referral, and let them know that they are a priority because they come referred by you.

2. When your referral first connects with me, I will give them clear information about my practice and how to work with me.

3. I will promptly assess whether I am the best solution for their needs. If for any reason I am not, I will first ask you if you would prefer to find another lawyer yourself, or you would like me to find the appropriate lawyer for them. I am happy to do either.

4. I will give your referrals special consideration when I price my services, which may include offering special consultations and other benefits. I will also let your referral know that this special consideration is because they come referred by you.

5. When your referral engages me, I will let you know.

6. If your referral is coming to me because of an ongoing matter where collaborating with you is necessary, I will make sure to keep you informed.

7. Your referral will always get prompt attention and response from me.

My goal is to ensure that you and your referrals have complete confidence in working with me, and that your personal brand is enhanced.