For C-Suite Employees

Many people mistakenly think traditional Labor Law protects only non-management workers. However, there are federal and state employment laws which also protect Management Employees including C-Suite Executives. We have substantial experience representing highly compensated, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and other C-Suite Executives with their employment issues such as severance, non-renewal or breach of employment contract, termination, layoff, retaliation, whistle blowing, age discrimination, sex discrimination, and other forms of employment discrimination. Below are a few of the cases we’ve handled successfully for C-Suite Executives. If you are a C-Suite Executive or a Management employee with a similar employment problem, contact us today.

Nature of Case




Negotiated a severance package of more than 20 months’ base salary worth in excess of half of a million dollars for the President of a health insurance company without asserting any legal claims.

Out-of-Court Settlement

Shareholders’ Agreement;
Executive Compensation;
Breach of Contract

Obtained a six figure structured settlement for a retired President and minority shareholder of a medical practice who expanded the practice from six to eight locations and increased the business’s revenue. Upon retirement, the client was denied payment for his shares of stock and two annual bonuses and was sued by his former employer. All claims against him were dismissed as part of the settlement obtained on his behalf.

Court of

Breach of Contract;
Wage Payment and Collection Act; Merger;
Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

Assisted as local counsel in obtaining a six figure settlement for the President of a software sales start-up company who was wrongfully discharged by its CEO to avoid paying him a Retention Bonus and other earned compensation after the employer merged with a competitor.


Severance; Retaliation;
Sex Discrimination

Negotiated a severance package for a bank’s female Senior Vice President discharged after informing the CEO he was running an "all boys’ club."

Out-of-Court Settlement

Government Discrimination;
Race Discrimination in Contracts

Obtained a six figure recovery for an African-American President of a business denied a contract with a state college because of his race.

United States
District Court
For the
District of

Pregnancy Discrimination;

Obtained a settlement for a female Chief Financial Officer of a textile company who was demoted while on pregnancy leave.

United States