For Principals and Other School Administrators


Though many people in Education mistakenly think traditional Labor and Employment Law protects only teachers and other union workers, there are federal and state employment laws which also protect superintendents, principals and other school administrators. We have substantial experience representing highly compensated, school administrators with their employment issues such as severance, non-renewal or breach of employment contract, termination, layoff, retaliation, whistle blowing, age discrimination, sex discrimination, and other forms of employment discrimination. Below are a few of the cases we’ve handled successfully for school administrators. If you are a superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal, or other school administrator with a similar employment problem, contact us today.

Nature of Case ResultsJurisdiction

Termination of Services
of Professional
Employees of a
Public School District

Negotiated the retirement of the long-time Superintendent of a successful, public school district who was falsely accused of immorality, misconduct in office, neglect of duty, and incompetence.

Sussex County,

Reverse Race
Discrimination and
Age Discrimination;
Non-renewal of Contract

Obtained a six figure settlement for a then 55 year old Caucasian public school principal whose contract was nonrenewed by her African-American superintendent who previously stated publicly that she wanted more "African- Americans" and more "young people" in leadership roles.

United States
District Court
For the
District of

Sexual Orientation
Non-renewal of Contract

Obtained a six figure contract buyout for a homosexual public school principal whose contract was non-renewed because of her sexual orientation.

Division of
Industrial Affairs

Retaliation and
Race Discrimination;

Procured a settlement package with a contract buyout for an African-American public school administrator who was demoted just two days after she reported to Human Resources a hostile work environment because of her race.

United States


"Retirement is wonderful!! We thank God (and you) every day that we moved forward with our legal action . . . . It helped insure we can really enjoy this stage of our lives and be comfortable knowing our money will outlast us and hopefully help our children and grandchildren! Life is good John and you were very instrumental in making it that way!"

- SA