Non-compete Agreements

In Delaware, a restrictive covenant not to compete after termination of the employment relationship will be enforced only to the extent that it is reasonable to do so. Knowles-Zeswitz Music, Inc. v. Cara, 260 A.2d 171 (Del. Ch. 1969). Such restraints upon competition must be reasonable both in respect of time and area. John Roane, Inc. v. Tweed, 89 A.2d 548 (Del. Supr. 1952).

We have substantial experience advising current, departing, and former employees as to whether the non-compete agreement or the non-solicitation agreement they signed with the current or former employer is reasonable. If you need legal advice about a non-compete agreement or a non-solicitation agreement that you have signed or have been asked to sign, contact us toll free at 888-854-2012 to arrange a strategy meeting today.