Our Litigation Services

SERVICESAgency Charge of DiscriminationLawsuit in Court
PACKAGES(Claims Under Title VII, ADEA, or ADA Only)(Claims Under Any Employment Laws)
BRONZEDraft and send concise Demand Letter with a detailed Agency Charge of Discrimination.Draft and send detailed Demand Letter with Facts, Law, and Demand.
SILVERFor client who already has filed a Charge of Discrimination with the Agency, attend any mediation offered at the Agency level, submit Rebuttal Letter, Negotiate any Conciliation Agreement if there is a Probable Cause Finding.Bronze Package plus Prepare and file Complaint, respond to any Motion to Dismiss, Written Discovery, and Mediation.
GOLDFor client who has not filed a Charge of Discrimination with the Agency, Draft and file Agency Charge and related questionnaires plus Silver Package.Silver Package plus Depositions, Expert Discovery, Summary Judgment Briefing and Oral Argument, and Mediation.
PLATINUMGold Package plus Prepare pro se Complaint for client to file in Court.Gold Package plus Pretrial, Trial, and Post-Trial Motions.