LaRosa & Associates

Client Testimonials

Here is a sample of what clients have had to say about John M. LaRosa over the years:

Thank you very much for taking this journey with me. I am most grateful. God bless you. – AA

◊ “You are the best lawyer I have ever worked with.  I won’t forget it.” – MW

◊ “[Y]ou should be canonized as the patron saint of workers.” – BGW

◊ “You were an excellent choice for an attorney, someone who truly works hard for the working people of this state. Losing your job of many years is an emotional and stressful situation to go through. You made me feel I was not going through it by myself. You are definitely in the right line of work. God bless you and your family. Once again, thank you for taking my case personally.” – BW & TW

◊ “John [LaRosa] was my attorney in a dispute related to the buyout of my interests in a business. I came to John after initially using a very large Philadelphia based law firm where I felt like I was just another case. John gave my case the attention it needed. He is extremely thorough, detail oriented, persistent, and has impeccable knowledge of labor law. In addition, he is a sharp strategic thinker as he prepares a case and interacts with opposing counsel. If I were in need of a labor law attorney again I would immediately call John, and I strongly recommend him to anyone else who wants a fighter in their corner!”   – AG

◊ “If someone were in need of legal counsel, I would highly recommend John LaRosa. John is extremely detail oriented, and will leave “no stone un-turned” when reviewing his clients’ situations. He will also fight like a pit bull for what is right. I’ve been a client and a friend of John’s for many years, and he exemplifies professionalism” – NM

◊ “I am very much impressed on how well the case is going and how very very good John LaRosa is . . . (The Public is very very impressed with John LaRosa also.)

John LaRosa is very calm & cool and very professional when he is talking to the public and fighting the case at hand. I have seen and been up against a lot of lawyers in my 20 plus years as a police officer, but . . . John is one of the best I have ever seen.” – WEP

◊ “John [LaRosa] represented me in an employment matter. He was professional, responsive and clearly discussed all the details and possible outcomes of my case. I highly recommend John” – SB

◊ “John LaRosa helped me review and negotiate my employer separation agreement to a successful outcome. He is an extremely professional and experienced attorney, and is very responsive and thoughtful in his counsel. I would recommend him for any employment matter” – WC

◊ “Mr. LaRosa was extremely knowledgeable and thorough throughout the entire process. He professionally assessed the strength of my case and successfully negotiated a settlement with my employer. I especially appreciated his honesty and ease of contact.” – TM

◊ “Retirement is wonderful!! We thank God (and you) every day that we moved forward with our legal action . . . . It helped insure we can really enjoy this stage of our lives and be comfortable knowing our money will outlast us and hopefully help our children and grandchildren! Life is good John and you were very instrumental in making it that way!” – SA

◊ “I will definitely recommend you to healthcare professionals or anyone else who comes across a similar employment problem in Delaware. Lawyers handling these kinds of cases are hard to come by in Delaware – DB

◊ “Thank you for everything. You certainly knew which points to discuss and prepared me well for responding [at the hearing].” – FF

◊ “I cannot even begin to express how I am feeling right now. You are an astonishing lawyer. It seemed at first things were looking bleak at the beginning, but with your expertise and persistence, the outcome was extraordinary. It was great!” – LJ

◊ “[Y]ou present yourself in a very professional manner at all times . . . . It has become a pleasure knowing you . . . . You are developing qualities not generally acquired by most attorneys. I know you are going to become recognized as one of Delaware’s best attorneys.” – EJR

◊ “Let me just say that I was very pleased that you represented me!” – NS